Who should have won? (part one)

Waiting for the official reveal of Survivor: Redemption Island’s cast, here are a few lines about who I think should have won in every season and why.

richard hatch

  • Borneo: Well, this one is a no-brainer. Anyone who says that anybody other than Richard Hatch should have won the first Survivor is crazy. Hatch basically created Survivor as much as Charlie Parsons and Mark Burnett did. Not convinced? Just watch the French Survivor once. It didn’t have a Richard Hatch, never did, and we’ve had 10 seasons of a bunch of clueless Pagong voting people along the lines of “He annoyed me today” or “She ate all the food.” The question I always wonder is: how would he do nowadays, if he was unknown and playing with people that know how to play this game. I guess we will never know, but I really hope he gets to play in a future All-Stars.

  • Australia: Although it was one of the most popular seasons (I can say it’s the one that definitely hooked me up on the show) I don’t have very vivid memories from it. I guess Tina Wesson deserved to win, although in my opinion, the most strategic player was Jeff Varner, too bad he got voted out early (yes, I always think the most strategic players are the ones that deserve to win… something to do with Richard Hatch defining the game I guess).
  • Marquesas: Let’s see… I guess Vecepia Towery played a solid game. Twice she was in the minority and twice she survived and managed to have the people targeting her voted out. But she was such a boring player that I don’t even remember her game play or nothing much else for that matter. The other person from Marquesas that deserved to win was of course Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien… I will also always have a soft spot for Gina Crews but that’s just the Gainesville connection (and the fact that she was sweet, let’s not forget that one of the worst persons that ever played was also from Gainesville) but I don’t think she could have won. I don’t think anybody else deserved to win. Who? Boston Rob? Nah…
  • Thailand: Despite the fact that Brian Heidik was a very unpleasant person, he totally dominated the game in a way that few people ever have. For me he’s almost as good as Richard Hatch. I’m almost sad that he alienated himself with the Survivor powers that be, because he deserved to be an All-Star. Shii Ann Huang also deserves a mention (as a good player, not as an unpleasant one).
rob cesternino
  • The Amazon: Well, it’s not that Jenna Morasca didn’t deserve to win. She did play a solid game. But Survivor: The Amazon has “the best player to never win Survivor” in the person of Rob Cesternino. Rob should have won, plain and simple. He’s one of the best player to ever play this game, period. And to add insult to injury Rob got screwed in the All-Stars. We need to see Rob again in a future All-Star edition, there aren’t that many players that are both good and entertaining (hey, that’s an idea: next list will be about entertaining contestants).
  • Pearl Islands: That’s a tough one. As entertaining that season was –despite the worst twist in Survivor history aka the Outcasts – there isn’t one player that dominated the game. Some would say Andrew Savage, but I don’t think he was that good (and he wouldn’t have been voted out had he been), some would say Jonny Fairplay, but I don’t know, he was too shady to win, some would say Rupert Boneham, but they obviously don’t know how this game works (and neither does he). Christa Hastie maybe? Mmm… No… So I guess that Sandra Diaz-Twine was indeed the best player that season.
  • All-Stars: Who deserved to win All-Stars? That’s a tough one. Definitely not Amber Brkich that’s for sure (she shouldn’t even be in it). Not Boston Rob Mariano either; his gameplay was despicable, betraying Lex and Kathy the way he did cost him a million bucks and I’m happy it did. So who then? Well, maybe Lex Van Den Berghe or Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien… Or Tom Buchanan? Shii Ann Huang maybe? Really, I don’t know.
  • Vanuatu: A strange season in the sense that even though it may have been one of the seasons with the most strategic cast, I don’t see one really sticking out. All the major players, Chris Daugherty, Scout Cloud Lee, Eliza Orlins, Ami Cusack and I may be forgetting a few, deserved to win one way or the other.
  • Palau: Mmmm… Some would say that this one is a no brainer, Tom Westman was clearly the best player that season. I beg to disagree. Tom’s strategic game, while decent was not that great, and there’s something about him, some sort of self-righteousness that really gets on my nerves, but let’s not get personal here. So even if Tom’s game was good, I definitely think Ian Rosenberger was the best player that season. But despite some other *cough* Boston Rob *cough* people he didn’t think that one million bucks was worth more than friendship.
OK, that’s it for today.
I’ll try to finish the list before the cast for Redemption Island is announced (although I don’t know when it will be announced).
If you have different opinions or things to add, go ahead, shoot!

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  1. Quackerpacker says:

    All Stars is funny as I agree none of the final 4 deserve it at all. However it is hard to say Lex when he was stupid enough to trust Rob. That is like making a deal with the devil. Kathy along went along with that arrangement when Lex was willing to go against it if she was, so she falls into that too. I think Shi Ann Huang actually played a good game, but just wasnt in the majority alliance. I guess if I had to pick someone from that season it would be her. Alicia and Tom also foolishly overtrusted Rob, so get eliminated from any consideration. Alicia even though she had a final 2 deal with Rob when it was already obvious Rob and Amber were a couple, seriously!?! Some All Star cast, it was literally nearly as dumb a cast as Redemption Island (which history shows is what Rob excels in, not so well in a cast with some real opposition who is willing to stand up to him and his bullying). I guess if not Shi Ann I would say Jenna. It makes me cringe but she did get into the only alliance with Rob and Amber they held true too, she flew under the radar, and make few mistakes and the few moves she made were the correct ones. By default I wouldnt mind her winning that awful season.

    I thought Johnny Fairplay should have won Pearl Islands, but Sandra was ok too. I would even been fine with Lillian. I think she did play a hard game from a difficult position, even though realistically she was never going to win a jury vote vs probably anyone. Any of those 3 would be fine, and I lean more to Johnny than Sandra. I dont find he was that cutthroat and shady, especialy seeing someone like Boston Rob playing 4 times. The dead grandma thing was sort of evil but brilliant all the same.

    Africa I thought Lex deserved to win a bit more than Ethan. He was much more strategic but Ethan was more likeable. It is too bad Lex had to forfeit that last challenge.

    Vanuata? I am tempted to say Ami as she led a large female alliance to total dominance, until Chris broke a leak into it at the very last minute. Then again maybe she should be docked for letting that happen when they were so close to extinguishing the last man, and that she didnt successfully convince Twila, Scout, and Eliza they were higher in the alliance than they really were which is a big part of what you need to do in Survivor. Chris maybe? Either him or Ami really. Eliza made a good move swinging when she did. She should not have overtrusted Chris, but she also didnt really have much option at that point. Twila and Scout never liked her.

    Rob C should have won the Amazon. The funny thing is there a good shot he still would have lost to Jenna even in a jury vote (jury votes = 70% or more popularity contest anyway), but there is no feasible scenario I see where those two wind up in the finals together so it is moot.

    I agreed with Tina winning Australia, but Colby would have also been a 100% worthy winner. That was a tough one to call, just as the jury read it, but Tina’s strategic and social game were both near impeccable. Colby being stupid enough to not take obvious goat Keith over Tina also loses points, although then again I respect people who are willing to put friendship above the game in some instances, and I think he honestly thought he could beat Tina.

    Marquesas? I actually thought Neleh deserved to win even though you dont mention her. She was responsible for the swing against the Rotu 4, it was her initiating it to Pascal and Kathy. She did bomb the final Tribal Council. Even if you dont think she deserved it, it cant be denied a bitter jury went against her. The Rotu 4 (well minus Zoey who was never really a true part of that alliance anyway) all voted against her, indicating some bitterness that she swung the game on them.
    I would have been fine with Kathy as a winner too. Vecepia? She played a Sandra style ultimate floater game, and did it very well I guess.

  2. Grant Mattos says:

    It is intersting you didnt mention Nelah from Marquesas. I am not saying you are wrong, just that her name seems to usually come up as someone who was maybe robbed, atleast vs Vecepia.

    While Cesternino did play a great game on The Amazon he didnt set up his end game very well. He wasnt likely to win the F3 challenge over Jenna or Matt, and apparently neither one was taking to the end either. A jury vote between him and Jenna is a toss up too, although he probably would beat Matt. Even had Jenna not won the F4 immunity to save herself either Butch or Matt probably take each other to the finals over him. He clearly should have eliminated Jenna instead of Heidi at the F5 I believe. I do agree he was the best player that season but he backed himself into a corner of likely not reaching the finals.

    I actually feel Amber did deserve to win All Stars. She let Rob do the dirty work, but actually played the same game as she was in all the strategic choices and had a say in all of them. Her social game was much better than his, but she was still strategic too, and was even pretty good around camp and in challenges. She was basically like a way better executed version of Natalie Tenerelli’s game. I agree Rob didnt win with his awful social game that year, and I dont say that just due to my current personal feelings towards him. I cant really think of anyone else. Rupert would have been a worthy winner with a good UTR game if he reached the end, so maybe him, and Shi Ann the same could be said for I guess, but she was much less likely to even reach the end.

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