Survivor 23 South Pacific: Who are the returning Contestants? First rumors…

Ok, I was not too excited to see Boston Rob and Russell return last season, and not only because I hate both. The main reason why I was not excited was because having two returning members totally messes up the game in my opinion. Guatemala was a forgettable season mostly because of that, and Redemption Island was the worst season of all just because of that reason.
So, I’m not exactly excited about Survivor – South Pacific right now. But who knows? Maybe this time they’ll cast people who have a brain, or if they don’t, they won’t put all of the zombies in the same tribe.
And of course, names have already started to fly around. Remember, I don’t read spoilers, I don’t want to hear about spoilers, but I don’t really consider knowing the cast beforehand as spoilers.
If you do, stop reading here, I could be right with the names I’m going to throw around, who knows?

So, there have been three sets of name that have be thrown around for the past few days.
Why the past few days?
Well, because the shooting of the season has started last week, as I type these lines, 18 people have already been marooned somewhere on Samoa, a couple may have already been sent to Redemption Island, as Probst has confirmed it will return this season (I just hope they’ll change the editing, the challenges, something to make the “duels” a little less anti-climatic.
The first set of names was:
  • Ben “Coach” Wade & Phillip Sheppard
This one almost seems like a no-brainer. They will have to face off at some point. But in the “two returning players” format, it will be quite anti-climatic too. They may just not spend a day together on the island. Although everybody may want to keep them, just to be sitting next to both at the final tribal council.
Also, I hope Probst realized with Russell Hantz that there is such a thing as “player fatigue”, especially with players who are as polarizing as Russell and Phillip.
Yes, I do want to see them playing together one day, but not now, it’s too early.
Chances that they are the returning players: slim to none, especially because Phillip tweeted today (sure, he could have been “lending” his account to a family member).
  • Ben “Coach” Wade & Ozzy Lusth¬†
Reality Blurred threw those two names a couple of days ago, apparently both said that they were going to be away and unavailable for two months. However, it wouldn’t make much sense would it? Both are two different players in pretty much every single aspect. They never met (at least not on screen) and there’s no storyline involving both of them.
Also, Coach’s movie’s premiere is June 17th, that is during shooting. I can’t imagine Coach not being at the premiere of his movie, after all, this is all about him.
This pairing makes me think that the follwing scenario is actually happening right now: Production has contacted several former contestants and asked them to pretend they’re going to be away as “foilers”, maybe even paid them vacation far away (in Samoa maybe?). Because they know that hardcore fans will be on the lookout and try to find any information they can to find out about who are the two returning contestants as soon as possibly. As it is almost sure that enough clues will be gathered before the official announcement, the best option for the producers is that there are enough clues giving out more than two people.
Let’s stay tuned on this one, if Coach is at his premiere or not will tell us a lot.
  • Erik Reichenbach & Matt Elrod
Do we really want to see the two returning players to be two of the worst strategists this game has seen?
I really think those are false spoilers too. Especially because I doubt that Matt wants to return to Survivor, especially this early after his season, especially if there’s a Redemption Island around.

If I hear anything else interesting, I’ll keep you informed of course.

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