Survivor 23 – South Pacific: The Cast

Yesterday, CBS revealed the cast of Survivor 23 – South Pacific.



Well, at least the new contestants. For some reason, CBS still wants to wait a little bit to announce that the returning contestants are Ozzy Lusth and Ben “Coach” Wade, apparently some people are still don’t know it.

My very first impression was that I was less than impressed to say the least.

I had the feeling that they were all premerge boots. Yes all of them! Not only I couldn’t see a winner among them, but I couldn’t even see somebody good enough to make the merge.

Pretty sad isn’t it?

I guess Redemption Island has had a quite damaging influence on this show, and I’m afraid it may never fully recover from it (especially because Jeff Probst¬†doesn’t seem to have gotten the clue, his mancrush won, and that’s all he cares, it doesn’t matter that the season was the worst ever).

However, I started looking a little bit more into them (I mean, official videos as well as Dalton Ross’s on EW, no spoiler or anything like that) and I found some potentially interesting characters. I was also surprised by the number of applicants/people who knew the show well. Maybe production has started getting a clue that having a cast of a majority of people who know nothing about the show and just want to be on TV is a bad idea.

I’m still debating whether I’ll write individual posts for every single contestants like I did last year. I admit that spending so much time on these people who were not worth it took a hit at my motivation.

We’ll see if I write a post per contestants, per tribe or just one for the whole cast pre-show (if you feel strongly about any, tell me)

In the meantime, their names:

Savaii Tribe

Upolu Tribe


Ok, that’s it for today, I’ll be back soon with my first impressions (I haven’t watched all of their interviews yet).

Edit: Upon reflection, they could be a good cast, for the very reason that they look like a bunch of premerge boots, that feeling also came from the fact that a lot of them are “normal people” and applicants, something that has been lacking on Survivor in recent seasons.


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