Survivor 22: Steve Wright

Steve Wright

51 year-old former NFL player from California

What are his strong points in my opinion?
  • He should be a team player.
  • He still seems athletic.
  • He seems to know the game and Gary Hogeboom, who he knows, may have briefed him about a thing or two about how to play the gamer. 

 What are his weak points?

  • He seems to have a pretty strong personality, and he may make a few enemies.
  • He says he likes Tom Westman, and he could be like him, including the self-righteous attitude that didn’t bring him anywhere (except voted out early) in Heroes Vs Villains. 

How will he do?

  • Mmmm… Not sure. He should make the merge without much problem, beyond that? Not too sure.

  What do I think of him so far?

  • I don’t really have an opinion about him. I guess his editing will determine whether I like him or not.

And this is wrap for our preview of the contestants for Survivor Redemption Island. See you on Thursday for our first speculations and analyses about the first episode of this season!

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