Survivor 22: Sarita White

Sarita White

39 year-old visual effects producer from California
Sarita is interesting. I’m not sure what she’ll be worth in the game, but I really like her vibes in the interviews.
What are her strong points in my opinion?
  • She seems fun to be around.
  • She seems smart and could be manipulate. 

What are her weak points?
  • I’m not sure if she really knows the game too well.
  • She seems to be on the show more for the experience than for playing the game. Not a good sign usually.
  • She could be a control freak. Not good either. 

How will she do?
  • I really have no idea. She could be the first to go, she also could go to the final tribal council. Really, I don’t know.

 What do I think of her so far?
  • I like her. She seems that she could be a great friend in real life. But I really don’t know what she can be worth on the show. She’s a big mystery to me as far as her Survivor contestant abilities.

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