Survivor 22: Ralph Kiser

Ralph Kiser

44 year-old farmer from Virginia.

I see what the producers of Survivor are trying to do here. They want a new younger Big Tom! And you know what? I’m glad they do. I already like Ralph and he really could join the club of most memorable Survivor contestants.

What are his strong points in my opinion?
  • He is loves the outdoors, can build shelter, start fires, etc. he will be very valuable around camp.
  • He seems to know the game well. He’s a applicant -a rare thing these days- and I can’t believe there are applicants that get selected and don’t know the game these days.
  • He seems to be a very funny guy. He will be well-liked.
  • He says he’s strong-willed and I believe him.

What are his weak points?

  • He dislikes lazy people, which could create some clashes if there are a lot in his tribe.
  • I don’t how many “city people” will be on his tribe, but if he’s in a minority with them, they could bond against him (not at first, but later on).

How will he do?

  • He sees himself as a mix between Big Tom and J.T. and so far I agree. And none of them do too bad (Big Tom held the record of longer lasting contestant until Amanda Kimmel beat that record) and we all know that J.T. won. I don’t see him being voted out before the merge, I just can’t see that happening. However, I don’t see him wining either, just like Jane last season, people will be aware that he’s too popular to be allowed to reach the end.

What do I think of him so far?

  • Although I don’t really understand everything he says (just like Big Tom) I really like him so far. I’m pretty sure he will be a memorable and likable contestant.

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