Survivor 22: Phillip Sheppard

Phillip Sheppard

52 year-old technology executive from California.

From his pregame interviews, Phillip seems to be a pretty interesting and unusual character. As a former special agent in charge of interviewing people to assess their character, one can imagine he has exactly the perfect skills for this game of manipulation and deceit. But will it be enough? 

What are his strong points in my opinion?
  • He is intelligent.
  • He can read people well, especially he can read body language and we can assume that it won’t be easy to lie to him.
  • He has 12 siblings. So once again, we can assume that he won’t be the selfish kind and that he knows how to behave in a group.
  • He seems to be a very likable guy.
  • He could be manipulative.

What are his weak points?

  • He says that his pet peeve is people who “think they know everything and yet do nothing and watch others do the work.” There are always a few people like that in every tribe of every Survivor. He could make a few enemies early one.
  • He may be a little too sure of himself.
  • He doesn’t seem to know the game too well.

How will he do?

  • I’m not sure. Either he’ll pick up the reality of the game really fast and could be a very good player, or he will underestimate some key factors and could be gone before the merge. He’s a big question mark for me.

What do I think of him so far?

  • So far, I like him. As just said, I’m not too sure how he will fare, but he could be a very interesting person to watch.

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