Survivor 22: Matthew Elrod

Matthew Elrod

22 year-old pre-med student from Tennessee.

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing him is “Fabio“! Although I have the feeling that they’re very different from each other. Even though, strange how the casting team would cast both Jud “Fabio” and him in back to back seasons. Also, strange how this season, there are a lot of players that look like clones from previous seasons.

What are his strong points in my opinion?
  • Even if he seems different from Fabio, he says he will have the same strategy (funny coincidence as he hadn’t seen Fabio play when he started playing), that is play the stupid and goofy blond dude with long hair. And although Fabio was intelligent (despite what I said about him at the beginning of his season) and just playing dumb, he was a genuine goofy surfer dude, just an intelligent one. In Matthew’s case, if he succeeds at playing such a character, from what we can see of his pregame interviews, he will all be an act. Also, even if that strategy is a decent one, it’s a very dangerous one; sure nobody saw Fabio as a threat before it was too late, but Fabio only won because he won three immunities in a row, and I’m not sure that counting on winning many immunities is a good strategy. In my opinion individual immunity should always be seen as a back-up plan, not a main goal. But I guess it’s always better to have people underestimate you than the other way around.
  • He seems smart and likable and fun to be around though.
  • He seems quite athletic too.
  • Even if he says that he admires contestants that played with integrity and honesty, his strategy -if he acts it out- is not exactly honest, and I see him being quite manipulative if needed. I even see a potential male Parvati in him (actually, was there ever a male flirt that used this to manipulate girls on the show?)

What are his weak points?

  • He says he’s laid back, and it seems true. It also could be synonym to lazy around camp. A thing that never works too well with you tribemates unless you contribute at other things (such as winning challenges)
  • He says that sometimes he doesn’t like to stay around the same people constantly and that he needs some alone time. Well, that could play against him in two ways: if too many people get on his nerves, well, I don’t need to explain why it could be a problem. If he gets too much alone time, it could be kept out of the loop and be easily blindsided. To his credit he also adds, that he’s like this in real life, but in real life he doesn’t play for a million dollar.
  • I’m not sure how well he knows the show. He doesn’t mention the name of any past contestant in his interviews -never a good sign- and I seems a bit too confident about how he’ll behave, how he will act and such. In other words, I’m not sure he realizes how extreme the conditions he will be in are.

How will he do?

  • He shouldn’t be an early boot, but I’m not sure he’ll be strategic enough to go to the end. I say blindside around the merge (a little bit before or a little bit after).

What do I think of him so far?

  • I’m not sure. I could like him or I could hate him. I guess it will depend on how he behaves on the show, and how he will be portrayed.

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  1. Quackerpacker says:

    Matt Elrod is a really nice guy. Very attractive too. My dream final 3 of this season would Grant-Matt-person X (as long as it wasnt Slob, Phillip, Natalie, or Ashleigh).

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