Survivor 22: Kristina Kell

Kristina Kell

46 year-old law student from California
I don’t know what you guys think, but I think that she will be an interesting character no matter what.

What are her strong points in my opinion?
  • She calls herself a “pit-bull” and well, she could be as strong ans as fierce as one.
  • She’s intense.
  • She’ll be willing to do what it takes to further herself in the game, whatever that thing is.
  • She expects to be hungry, wet, feeling crappy and all those sorts of things that some contestants don’t always realize will happen beforehand (see some people from the previous season).

What are her weak points?

  • I’m not sure how well she knows the game. In her pregame interviews, she didn’t really say anything about her strategy, she just mentioned facing the elements and the challenges. She didn’t really mention any past contestant except for Russell Hantz and Natalie White (and one can assume that before going to Nicaragua she’d at least watch one or two seasons).
  • She may be too intense. There is such a thing as playing this game too hard. This is more or less what did Marty Piombo last season, and he knew the game in and out. Sure, she seems ready to make bold moves, but if she makes them too early, that could come back to bite her quite early too.

How will she do?

  • That’s a big question mark. She could be either a very intense player, do a lot of crazy move, and become very memorable and future All-Stars. Or she could play too hard too early and be the first or the second boot.

 What do I think of her so far?

  • I’m not sure really. I think people like her either become very good players, go far and are very memorable or just snap and are remembered at “that psycho” during their 15 minutes of fame.

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