Survivor 22: Krista Klumpp

Krista Klumpp

25 year-old pharmaceutical sales rep. from South Carolina
I think everyone will agree with me that the first thing that comes to mind when one sees Krista for the first time is “Natalie White“!
But past the physical resemblance (and the Southern accent too), I think that the two girls are actually quite different. Krista seems to have an attitude that’s a bit more proactive, and well… some personality too.
Actually, she kinda reminds me of a good friend of mine: as pretty, same accent, and incredibly intelligent, one of the most intelligent person I know, which often surprise people who don’t know her well (but a big difference with Krista, she’s an architect, not a pharmaceutical sales rep.)

What are her strong points in my opinion?
  • She’s an “Alabama girl” as she states, that is, she won’t mind being outdoors, dirty and all.
  • She will be underestimated, and can play a very good under the radar game. I don’t like those, but hey, they work… Rarely to win, though, but they work to go far.
  • She seems quite likable and have a fun personality.
  • She’s athletic.
  • She seems quite observant and intelligent. For example, in her pregame interview with Dalton Ross, she notices that there should be two more contestants because of the uneven number of males and females, so she assumes rightly that there will be two returning contestants.

What are her weak points?

  • Sure, she will be underestimated, but I also doubt that she will be taken very seriously. That could mean, being left out of the loop, that could mean, not being in a strong alliance, that could mean trouble.
  • I don’t think she has what it takes to take matters into her own hands if needed.

How will she do?

  • Unless her team loses too many times, she should make it to the merge fine. After that, it’s all fair game. She could be in trouble if she doesn’t have that strong alliance, she could sneak in to the end if the more aggressive players are too busy backstabbing each other to pay attention to her.

What do I think of her so far?

  • I like her. I don’t think she’ll win. Actually, I don’t think I want her to win, but she seems fun enough and likable enough to leave a good impression and gather a few fans along the way if she survives long enough.

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