Survivor 22: Julie Wolfe

Julie Wolfe

50 year-old, firefighter (fire dept engineer) from California.
Interesting how she introduces herself as basically completely broke and badly in need of the money. I guess she’s a new “token contestant” in Survivor: the one that has lost or is losing everything due to the economic crisis. Will this help her (gives her the will and the energy to do what it takes to win) or will this hurt her (everybody will be aware that if she makes it to the end, she’ll win for sure because she will get the sympathy vote)? We’ll see.


What are her strong points in my opinion?
  • She has a strong work ethics.
  • She seems to know the game (or at least a certain number of past contestants’ game).
  • I’m not sure if there’s anything else very positive to say about her right now?

What are her weak points?

  • She’s “still 25 years old in her mind.” Understand: she was once athletic, but that was a while ago and now she will most likely suck at physical challenges.
  • She says that she gets along better with men than with women. Well, it all depends on her tribemates’ personalities, but I think she could alienate the other women easily and I’m not sure whether the men will care about keeping her around if that happens.
  • Sure, she seems fierce, but most likely too fierce. She seems that she will try too hard too soon or something along those lines.
  • She describes herself as she’s the most like Ashley Massaro from Survivor China. Well, should she be reminded that Ashley was voted out second in that season? (and that everybody would have forgotten about her had she not been already half famous?)

How will she do?

  • Unless of a miracle, I think she’s going to be an early boot. I see her clashing with too many people too early in the game.

What do I think of her so far?

  • Well, from the interviews, it seems that she could be a likable person in real life, but I also think that Survivor is not a game for her, that it will bring the worst out of her..

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