Survivor 22: Grant Mattos

Grant Mattos

29 year-old personal trainer (ex NFL player) from California.
From afar, Grant looks like the obligatory all-muscle no-brain male hunk. But I think he’s way more than that to him and not just because he’s an ex-NFL player (what’s up with that Survivor-NFL connection by the way?) 

What are his strong points in my opinion?
  • He actually seems intelligent (see, not your typical male hunk).
  • He also seems quite personable, easy-going and fun to be around.
  • He’s athletic.
  • These three points alone make him a serious contestant. But that’s not all:
  • Although he has several “plans” for the way he’s going to play, he says that he can’t know for sure before he knows the people he’s playing with. It’s actually rare to hear that in pregame interviews (or it’s just my memory that’s bad), if he can adapt as well as he says he will, he could really be a threat. Actually he says he likes Ozzy Lusth‘s and Sandra Diaz-Twine‘s gameplays. If he could combine both their strategies, he could be a killer (but can you combine both their strategies?)
  • He’s friends with Natalie Bolton! I don’t know if there’s ever been a contestant who’s friends with a previous contestant before, but I think that’s a huge advantage. Of course, that can’t make you go to the end, but her insight can definitely help him early in the game, to avoid making some stupid mistakes in the beginning of the game.

What are his weak points?

  • Well, he doesn’t seem to have any so far, except from the obvious: if he’s a killer in challenges, he will be a big target pot-merge.
  • He says he can’t stand the Valley Girl accent, and he’ll be stuck for some of them (if I’m not wrong, he will be in the same tribe as Ashley Underwood and Andrea Boehlke. How is it going to work out?
  • Guys like him need to eat a lot, and the lack of food may have a strong impact on him. He’s aware of that, this is good, but still there’s nothing he will be able to do if it hits him hard.

How will he do?

  • I think it’s pretty sure that he will make the merge. After that, he’d better be in a solid alliance or he’ll be one of the earliest out after the merge. Could he win if he was in a solid alliance? Possibly.

What do I think of him so far?

  • I like him. Maybe not my favorite right now, but he’s among them.

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  1. Quackerpacker says:

    I hope he gets back on Survivor someday. I think he can play a way smarter game and go all the way. He would have won this season if Rob had taken him to the end, but you cant rely on someone else to take you to the end. He would need to be more of a leader, especialy when he is the type of player/person who would always be a target for vote off before reaching the end.

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