Survivor 22: Francesca Hogi

Francesca Hogi

36 year-old attorney from Washington DC.
These days, for every new season of Survivor, I’m afraid of whom they cast as the “young black woman”. Why is that? Well, because it seems that, when it comes to them, there’s a trend of psychos and bitches that’s not doing any good for the cause of black women in America. At least this time we may have somebody that’s more Cirie Fields than Yasmin Giles. Good. It was high time to revert that trend.

What are her strong points in my opinion?
  • She seems quite intelligent.
  • She seems to know the game well.
  • She’s fully aware of the importance of the social game. She calls herself “socially smart” and it could be true.
  • She could be cutthroat and be able to also play strategically.
  • She says that she’s not there for the experience nor the exposure but to play the game. Good! I’m so sick and tired of those people that go on Survivor just because they want to be famous (do a sex tape if you just want to be famous… well… Jenna Lewis did both and she’s still not famous) or for the experience (you don’t need a TV show for that, just go spend some time in the jungle by yourself or some friends if you’re just there for the experience)

What are her weak points?

  • She says that she’s impatient and stubborn. Could play against her.
  • She also could be a control freak. Not good. (unless she one of those very rare control freaks that know how to use this to their advantage, but they’re so rare).

How will she do?

  • If she doesn’t alienate anybody early, she could be in it for the long run. I definitely see her going at least to the jury.
  • She says that she hates Russell but likes Boston Rob, but how well she does in the game could also depend on whose tribe she ends up in: Rob’s (she could ally with him and they could be unstoppable) or Russell’s (she will target him early, and either him or her would be out of the game soon after that)

What do I think of her so far?

  • I really like her. She knows the game, she’s in it to play it. She seems to have a cool personality. She’s one of my favorites so far.

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