Semhar Tadesse


I don’t want to be mean, but I don’t really have anything to say about Semhar Tadesse. From the interviews I saw, there’s nothing really that I can say about her gameplay or anything else. Yeah, she seems sorta OK. She also seems a little bit too much of a princess, and I totally suspect she’s in it for the 15 minutes, not for the game.

I mean, it doesn’t seem that she wants to be outdoors, it doesn’t seem that she has anything remotely near a stratgy. Actually, I doubt she even suspects what the game is about; she’s not sure whether to tell the other contestants that she won a pageant and that she lived in Africa because she thinks that she may be perceived as a threat because of that.

Dear Semhar, I have news for you, you won’t be perceived as a threat by anybody. As a tool at best, and as a waste of space and of food at worst. You may be a sweet girl in real life, but you’re definitely not made for this game.


I think we have our first boot from the tribe.


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