Rick Nelson

I kinda like Rick Nelson. I mean, I’m not too sure I’d get along well with him in real life, but he’s the kind of no nonsense person I like to see on Survivor, even though these kinds of players have a tendency to get screwed by other players more often than not.

Rick is another big fan of the show, and that’s a good thing. The guy applied 14 times! Talk about¬†persistence.

I have no doubt that he’s going to be a hard worker around camp, and could help win challenges too (I mean, he’s not that young, but being a rancher and all, I assume that he’s quite healthy and strong).

What about his strategic game? Well, I have no idea about how strategic he will be. We can assume that he knows a thing or two about strategy on Survivor, but I really can’t tell more at this point.

And his social game? I guess it really depends on whether he’ll make friends quickly in his tribe or not. And seeing that he’s on Upolu, he could indeed make friends (He could befriends Brandon Hantz, Christine and maybe even Mikayla and Sophie under the right circumstances). He see him hating Edna though. The other ones? No idea.

Now there’s the Coach factor to take into account. Rick seems to especially dislike Coach, even before knowing he’ll be in the game, even before knowing they’ll be on the same tribe. What I see happening is that Rick may be the main leader against having Coach in the tribe. Will his tribe mates listen to him or vote him out instead remains to be seen. Another more unlikely scenario is that Rick realizes that Coach is a hardworking and honest guy behind all the antics, and he may like that.

Who knows?


He will need to make friends early or he could be an early boot. If he manages to have a decent social game, he will make the jury. As he seems to be a quite loyal person, the only way he can make it to the end is to be in the majority alliance all along. Unlikely.


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