My Ultimate Survivor FMK List!

A few weeks ago, Rob Cesternino, in his podcast, started to play the FMK game with his guests.
Yesterday, Jenna Morasca and her followers did the same on Twitter.
So, that gave me the very stupid idea to do my FMK list, or should I say FMK lists, as I’ve done one for every season.
Oh, and if you wonder what FMK is, it’s “Fuck, Marry, Kill”, in other words, who I would Fuck, Marry and Kill if it was a realistic option.


  • Fuck: Mmmm…. Nobody…
  • Marry: Colleen Haskell.
  • Kill: Sean Kenniff and his stupid voting system (yes, this is Sean that inadvertently invented the Pagonging, not Richard Hatch).

The Australian Outback

  • F: Elisabeth Filarski-Hasselbeck (I wanted to marry her back then, but she turned out being a right-wing tea partying lunatic). I’d still do her though. Alicia Calaway is in my books too.
  • M: Nobody. Jeff Varner if I was gay.
  • K: Jerri Manthey, who else?


  • F: Jessie Camacho and Lindsey Richter
  • M: Kim Powers
  • K: Kelly Goldsmith


  • F: Neleh Dennis (to pervert her a little bit), Tammy Leitner
  • M: Gina Crews (I actually had a crush on her at the time)
  • K: Sarah Jones, Boston Rob, Sean Rector and Vecepia Towery. Yes, that’s a lot of people but wait for the next entry.


  • F: Shii Ann Huang, Erin Collins
  • M: Tanya Vance (well, just an assumption from the little we saw of her)
  • K: Pretty much everybody else and at least all of Chuay Gahn

The Amazon

  • F: Jenna Morasca and Shawna Mitchell
  • M: Mmm… Rob Cesternino if we were both gay.
  • K: Butch Lockley

Pearl Islands

  • F: Michelle Tesauro (I guess, I don’t really remember her that well)
  • M: Tijuana Bradley & Christa Hastie, although my memories of both of them are somewhat fuzzy.
  • K:Burton Roberts and Lillian Morris. Of course, if I had been on the island with all of them, I’m sure it would have been Jonny Fairplay, but as a viewer, he’s one of my favorite contestants.


  • F: Jenna Morasca & Alicia Calaway
  • M: ???
  • K: Boston Rob


  • F: Leann Slaby, Amy Cusack, Julie Berry
  • M: Dolly Neely
  • K: Most of the women.


  • F: Kim Mullen
  • M: Stephenie Lagrossa, Jennifer Lyon (RIP 🙁   )
  • K: Katie Gallagher & Tom Westman


  • F: Cindy Hall
  • M: Danni Boatwright
  • K: Stephenie Lagrossa, Judd Sergeant


  • F: Misty Giles
  • M: Sally Schumann and of course Bobby “Bobdawg” Mason if we were gay.
  • K: Courtney Marit & Terry Deitz

Cook Islands

  • F: Cecilia Mansilla, Candice Woodcock, Parvati Shallow, Becky Lee
  • M: Yul Kwon if we were gay.
  • K: Candice Woodcock


  • F: Jessica deBen, Rita Verreos, Stacy Kimball
  • M: Michelle Yi
  • K: James “Rocky” Reid, Dreamz


  • F: Courtney Yates, Ashley Massaro
  • M: Amanda Kimmel
  • K: Jean-Robert Bellande


  • F: Amanda Kimmel, Parvati Shallow
  • M: Amy Cusack
  • K: Joel Anderson, Amanda Kimmel


  • F: Michelle Chase, Jessica « Sugar » Kiper
  • M: Jacquie Berg
  • K: Danny “GC” Brown, Kelly Czarnecki, Corinne Kaplan (twice)


  • F: Candace Smith, Sydney Wheeler, Sierra Reed, Erin Lobdell
  • M: Tyson Apostol
  • K: Coach, Sierra Reed


  • F: Kelly Sharbaugh, Monica Padilla, Natalie White
  • M: Marisa Calihan
  • K: Ben Browning, Yasmin Giles, Laura Morett, Monica Padilla

Heroes Vs Villains

  • F: Amanda Kimmel, Candice Woodcock, Parvati Shallow
  • M: Courtney Yates
  • K: Stephenie Lagrossa, Tom Westman, James Clement, Boston Rob, Amanda Kimmel, Candice Woodcock, Rupert Boneham, Colby Donaldson, Russell Hantz


  • F: Yve Rojas, Purple Kelly
  • M: Brenda Lowe
  • K: Shannon Elkins, Naonka Mixon, Purple Kelly, Chase Rice

Redemption Island

  • F: Krista Klumpp, Sarita White, Andrea Boehlke
  • M: Francesca Hogi
  • K: Russell Hantz, Stephanie Valencia, Matt Elrod, Ashley Underwood, Natalie Tenerelli, Boston Rob

South Pacific

  • K: possibly the two returning contestants, unless I’m a big fan.

What do you think of this list?

Note to the people mentioned in the list if you ever end up reading up (yes, I’m optimistic like that). Take this with a grain of salt, I don’t actually want to kill you (well, there are a couple of them, I’m not so sure). If you’re listed as F, take this as a compliment. If you’re listed as M, know that I’m already married so it’s only in an imaginary world, but know that if I were single, I’d seriously be interested in meeting you. 😉

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