Keith Tollefson

At first sight, I’d say that Keith Tollefson is an interesting character and a quite multidimensional one. Good, we need more of those on the show. Now, it doesn’t mean the edit will portray him as such.

Why do I say that he’s multidimensional? Well we have a young, handsome and apparently gentle young man, who both says he’s going to stay honest while playing but may stray from it, and while he has to be careful to be manipulated by flirtatious pretty girls, he may be a bit flirtatious himself.

Add his heart condition – he’s had a pacemaker since he was a kid – to that, and he could definitely be quite interesting. I don’t mean that having a heart condition makes you more interesting, I’m saying that such a condition may give you a different outlook on life, and it may also add an interesting dynamic in the context of Survivor.

That being said, the fact that he seems multi-layered doesn’t help me with my pregame evaluation.

He may have a Naonka in his team and be booted early. Ozzy (yes, he’s in Ozzy’s tribe) may see him as competition in the alpha male spot (or at least in the young and handsome male spot) and he could be booted even earlier.

Or on the other hand he could bond with the pretty girls in his tribe and form an alliance with them. Or with John Cochran and be some sort of new Stephen Fishbach / J.T. alliance? (I hope that if Stephen ever reads this he doesn’t take offense in me comparing him to John Cochran, it is my understanding that he’s not a big fan).

In other terms, I really have no idea of his fate this season. He could as easily be a first boot or a winner.


What do you guys think?

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