Jim Rice

The thing I like about Jim Rice is that he’s not a stereotype, and that’s refreshing in this day and age of intense casting of contestants.

Actually, he is an applicant and he calls himself a huge fan of the show.

He seems fun to be around, but I suspect that he can get pretty cocky too. How cocky? That is the question as I have the feeling that this is what will make him or break him.

Indeed, I suspect that he will be a great strategic player, but how will his social game be?

Will he make more friends than enemies? Not sure.

Right now, I see him as a go-between Marty Piombo and Russell Hantz. Of course, in the end he may end up a completely different type of player, although I seriously doubt that he will be under the radar.


I don’t see how he can be an early boot (unless he behaves like a complete ass and alienates all of his tribe, but seriously I don’t see that happening) and he could be one of the players who shape this season. Can he win it?

Maybe. Although players his type, while almost always making it far, rarely win.

We’ll see.


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