Elyse Umemoto


I won’t hide the fact that I don’t have a good feeling about Elyse Umemoto.

Why? Maybe she’s not another of those uninteresting pageant girls who’s on the show for the 15 minutes and not to play the game.


But I have serious doubts.

To her defense, she seems to have some sort of personality, which is already better than a lot of her predecessors in that niche.

Now, will this personality translate into social game or into annoying bitchiness?

That is the question.



Sadly, those types of girls tend to do well, often making it to the merge (well, actually there are a bunch who didn’t, but I have already forgotten about them… too bad as they were in it most likely to become famous – don’t they get that one doesn’t become famous thanks to Survivor anymore?)

And I think this is what will happen to her. If she doesn’t turn out to be an annoying über-bitch, she’ll be just flirtatious enough, and just under the radar enough to make it to the merge. There, unless she’s tight with the “leader” of the dominant alliance, she’ll be cut at some point (around final seven)


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