Dawn Meehan


I have a good vibe about Dawn Meehan. It’s strange because from her pregame interviews I can’t really tell how she’s going to play that game, but something in her personality tells me that she could be a very interesting contestant and a multi-layered one too (we haven’t had a lot of them lately have we?)

Her pros: She’s a real fan of the game. She was supposed to be on Redemption Island, but got cut a few weeks before, which led her to train both physically and mentally for about 10 months in order to be selected again. She seems to have a very friendly personality. She’s a mom of many adopted kids, so she could easily fit into the role of the “mom of the tribe”

Her cons: She has to be careful to not impose herself as “the mom”, that is, if her tribemates are not too receptive to her “mom vibe” she has to be careful not to force it upon them. She calls herself a strong women and I hope she is, because as the only (somewhat) older woman in her tribe she’s an easy first boot pick.

Verdict: As I said, I have a good vibe about her and if she plays her social game well, and if she’s not the first boot in her tribe, she could make it very far.

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