Christine Shields Markoski


Christine Shields Markoski seems like a pretty interesting person. From the very little I saw of her, I already like her personality. Also, she’s a fan of the show and an applicant (it seems that there are more applicants than lately this season, and I can’t say that it’s a bad thing). Interestingly enough, her application video mostly consisted in yelling at the casting people that they should be fired for casting Naonka and Purple Kelly. I like that (and we could add Natalie Tenerelli, Ashley Underwood). And seeing how there are more applicants this season, maybe the casting people did get fired.

Back to Christine.

The good points I see about her is that she’s a fan of the game (less likely to be a brainless coattail rider), she’s used to the outdoors (more likely to be active around camp) and she seems to have a fun personality (in real life at least).

The bad points? Well, she says that she gets crabby when she’s hungry and her feisty personality may not work well with some people. I see a lot of head butting sooner or later. I’m also not too sure about how strategic she can be.

Verdict :

Well, if she gets into conflicts too early, we can safely assume that she’s an early boot. However, if she makes the right connections early one, her temper can be excused, especially if she shows talent elsewhere (strategy, around camp, etc.) I don’t see her as a potential winner though.

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