Benjamin “Coach” Wade


Yes, believe it or not Benjamin Wade, better known to the world of Survivor as Coach is back! For a third time!

Coach Benjamin Wade

I must admit I am a Coach fan. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a terrible player, and of course, I believe that he’s full of shit 99% of the times (he did kayak along the Pacific Coast in Central America though, so not everything he says about his “adventures” is a lie or a delusion), but he is one of the most entertaining players that show has ever seen. So, while I still highly dislike the idea of having returning players among new ones, I think it’s less of a problem to bring back people like him (and Ozzy), as they’ll certainly be less disruptive of the game while still being entertaining.

We have less chances to have a Coach Show the same way we had a Rob Show last season, and evenless chances to have a repeat of last season’s Bore Show.

The pairing is odd and always will be. Why Coach and Ozzy? We will most likely never know what went through Jeff Probst‘s mind that day, so let’s not waste too much time trying to figure it out.

And thinking twice about it, I think it could be almost more interesting to have Coach back among newbies rather than in an All-Stars format.

Now, the obvious question is how will he do this season? 

Looking at the people in his tribe, I feel that he will have an easier time with the men than with the women, unfortunately for him, he is in the team with five women and four men.

He may be targeted early on, but if he can provide his knowledge and experience of the game to the tribe without being too bossy/wacky, he could survive the first votes, and when the game is full on, I don’t see any reason to vote him out. Then, after the merge, two things could happen. Either the players don’t want a Rob repeat and will cut Coach and Ozzy as soon as possible if they’re still in the game, or, some players can understand that Coach is the ultimate goat and they may want to take the risk to bring him with them in the Final Three.

Could he win? Highly highly unlikely. Unless he drastically changes, as I said, he is the perfect goat to bring to the end.

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  1. Amy says:

    I feel like the reason ozzy and coach are coming back is that the producers liked the way last season worked out, of having the two returning players, one (Russell) who is totally disliked and ultimately unsuccessful, as a contrast to the other (rob) who might be younger and more likeable, and who will do quite well (which is virtually ensured by the fact that they are placed on a tribe of idiots), because that whole thing will go with the redemption theme. They probably think coach and ozzy are the closest recent players who will come close to fillingthe same types of roles. I think it’s bollocks tbh.

    • David says:

      Yeah, I guess you’re right. Except that this time, luckily, the cast will think that one of them winning the million is a better idea than giving it to one guy that had already to chances to win it and didn’t.

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