Albert Destrade


Oh well, I gave in, I’m am going to post my first impressions of each players.

Albert Destrade Survivor 23Starting with Albert Destrade.

So, here is what I got from his interviews (mostly with Gordon Holmes and Dalton Ross who are my main sources for pregame information).

He’s a coach (both a dating coach – no laughing – and a baseball coach). I wonder what Coach is going to think about him. Especially because they are in the same team if I’m not wrong. Mmm.. As he likes to ally himself with alpha males, I assume he’s going to hire him as his “assistant coach”, whether Albert will be responsive to that or not, I’m not sure.

As I just said, he’s an alpha male type, one of the very few this season if I’m not wrong (with Ozzy and, hum, Coach). That should help him, at least in the beginning, I don’t see him being an early boot. Later on in the season I’m not sure he has what it takes to be in charge of his alliance.

The other things playing against him are the fact that he doesn’t seem outdoorsy, but he seems a bit too over-confident (I kinda have a “douche” feeling about him, but I could be wrong), and I’m not exactly sure how well he knows the game (he was supposed to be on Amazing Race but ended up on Survivor).



Unless he rubs too many people the wrong way early on, he should make it to the merge and the jury. With some luck, he could go far, even final four or three with luck and if he aligns himself with the right people. I don’t see him as a winner at all.


And you? What do you guys think of him so far?



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